Seattle, Nashville, and Los Angeles based first class full service boutique firm providing ongoing Arrow Artist Management and +Spark Music Marketing including: promotion, placement services, select tours, events, appearances, TV/film, radio, online media, video, and brand sponsorships/endorsements.

Our focus is the Pop, Rock, Country, and EDM Dance music genres. We create, develop, market, and expand the business model of new artists, emerging talent, and established stars. In addition, we manage select high profile sport affiliated clients.

We believe in the principles of hard work, dedication, and loyalty. Our mission is to create and develop a career driven business model for our artists/talent and to carry out their business with the highest standards of professional and personal ethics.

Business of The Arrow Music Agency includes talent, operations, marketing, and events located in the US, Canada, Sweden, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, UK, Germany, Italy, and more. Our artists perform a combined 1,200 plus live shows per year and have an extensive global marketing impression from live events, fans, radio, TV/video, online applications, and press/media that exceeds 100 million music consumers.

The Arrow Music Agency is guided by Chris Sobonya, Principal/Founder and President of Artist Management. He has a Masters of Science degree and has completed work towards a PHD in leisure management at Oklahoma State University of the Big 12 Conference. With a prior background in elite five star resort and wellness consulting, combined with Major League Baseball player development experience, Chris understands the intrinsic factors of successful business transactions. He is an avid music supporter, Country Music Association voting member, and serves as our primary artist manager.