+Spark Music Marketing is a stand alone division of The Arrow Music Agency. Our music marketing and promotion services are available for Pop, Rock, Country, and EDM Dance artists, record labels, management agencies, PR firms, booking agencies, and sponsor companies in need of a targeted marketing, promotion, and advertsing strategey with our ongoing execution and oversight.

At +Spark Music Markeing we believe in both specific and comprehensive music markeing and promotion that includes an integration and combination of select targets: social media, radio, steaming music, videos, digital/mobile applications, websites, sponsor supported tours, press releases, interviews, print media, contests, partner affiliations, retail/point of sale, in show production, and more. SEE BELOW DIAGRAM.

The marketing targets and formats we utilize have been cultivated to brand an artist, record label, or music affiliated project to maximize discovey and exposure, create awareness, establish consistency, encourage fan or customer engagement, develop loyal fans, and drive sales transactions (music, merchandise, retail, tickets). Along the way, we track campaign data and analytics to review success and make adjustments.

To get started with a music marketing and promotion campain around a budget specific to your needs and goals, please use or CONTACT page.