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From Chris Sobonya

President of A&R

We are glad you are here and we highly respect your business. Since our start in 2007, we have conducted our artist and partner business with first class service, respect, and professional ethics. We create, develop, market, and expand the business model of new artists, emerging talent, and established stars. From day one, my vision was to create a dynamic agency that would attract the best artists in Pop, Electronic, Indie, Rock, and Country genres. With plenty of hard work, establishing a set system and process of how we operate, finding great strategic partners, creating a dynamic team around me, and finding the right artist partners one after another...we continue to find success. We never look back with regret, we learn and improve from our experiences, and we are always focused on right now and the future. The Arrow Music Agency is a refined boutique artist management and marketing agency that is laser focused and works with precision strategy and planning. This is an exciting time in the music business and change is constant in terms of music sales, marketing, social media, touring, and how success is achieved. This business is not fast or cheap, however, with the high risk can come great reward. Together, with the use of our Arrow Artist Management 360 Model, and our Music Marketing division, we will create a plan for your career progress. We are always on the look out for new artist relationships and strategic partners...we welcome your contact.

Let's start a journey...Cheers!


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